about us

Bring happiness to every household worldwide.

The new consortium under HAPPYLAND GROUP is established in 2016 to expand the land of happiness to be close to everyone. HAPPYLAND INTERTRADE is the business of manufacturer and developer of healthy products for everyone. It also selectively imports and distributes premium products from foreign countries with safe and healthy raw materials and production process for better quality of life of consumers and environments. Our target is to bring happiness to every household worldwide.

Our Business

HAPPYLAND INTERTRADE has 2 groups of business as follows

I. Food Product

HAPPYLAND FOOD is the healthy food expert and as the manufacturer, we select best agricultural raw materials of Thailand and emphasize the production process that still remains natural values.

THAI KANOM is the brand under HAPPYLAND FOOD. With globally famous Thai fruits and excellent agricultural products all over the country, Thai Kanom uses this strength to develop products by transmitting natural raw materials through modern processes that can maintain freshness, authentic taste and highest benefits without artificial favor for good health. We design the products to create new experience for consumers in form of ‘Fruit Tablet’ and ‘Fruit Duo; freeze dried fruits & more’ distributed in domestic and international markets to bring happiness to fruit and health lovers. Furthermore, Thai Kanom also has new alternatives for Matcha (Green Tea) lovers by launching ‘Matcha Flavored Tablet’ and ‘Milk Tablet’ with 87% of milk powder, Vitamin D 3 and no sugar.

II. Non-Food Products

HAPPYLAND PLUS operates the business of importing and distributing premium beauty products from foreign countries. We have missions consistent with the trend of domestic and global markets that the customers want to access safe and environmentally-friendly products for everyone in their family. We specifically select products in accordance with universally accepted standards that organic raw materials, without chemicals that harmful to consumers must be used and standard non-toxic production processes are selected such as brands from the United States of America, Europe or Korea, imported for distribution to Thai consumers who care about their good health as well as environment.