Happyland Group on sustainable growing business

It’s been more than 40 years that HAPPYLAND GROUP started its business with determination to build “THE LAND OF HAPPINESS” by commencing the business of developing real estates, lands, residential buildings in different styles as well as managing community, market, shops, amusement park and shopping mall. Until today, we grow a lot and we have the group of companies providing comprehensive services such as cleaning and security services and the professional team to manage residential buildings. We emphasize the responsibility to products and services provided for our customers in the entire system because our happiness is to improve the quality of life with security, safety and convenience for Thai Society.


Happyland InterTrade and the consumption goods business with love and care

New happiness of Happyland Group happens from the smallest happiness unit, and that is “Family” of Khun Chayavee Keetaworanart, Chief Executive Officer of Happyland Group. Apart from his role, Khun Chayavee (Khun Tee) is also the family head who loves sports and he ever won a trophy from jet ski competition. He also gives precedence to healthcare through eating. His favorite hobby is cooking food for the entire family and his colleagues. Through his point of view, he initiated an important business question, “How good it would be if Happyland Group could spread love and care to every household?”.

“We think that food is necessary for everyone and it is one of 4 essential factors. As Thailand is a country of agriculture with fertile resources as a strength compared with other countries in the world, we would like to use excellent raw materials of Thailand to make quality and health products for everyone. This is become the policy and heart of the company. Meanwhile, we also support Thai farmers and promote agricultural growth to add values to Thai agricultural products that we will export and introduce to the world.”

The establishment of Happyland InterTrade is a big step to widespread the land of happiness through the premium food and health product business that add values to Thai agricultural products to be exported to the world.


The healthy life start here.

Our vision: We provide the natural product to escalate the quality of life.

Happyland InterTrade has initial target for first 1-3 years to promote the brand ‘Happyland Food’ (consumer goods brands) and Happyland Plus (goods for use) to be widely well known among Thai customers and tourists and to be the product group that customers and trade partners are confident with quality and to be easily accessed through distribution with selling points all over the country including modern trade and tourist attractions. With potentials of Happyland Group having business stability and reliability for long time, Happyland InterTrade focuses on expanding the distribution of products to other countries in Asia such as China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Middle East including Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and etc. The long-term plan for 5 years is to expand the business to international trading in form of product distributors arranging the export to other regions of the world including European Union, the United States of America.